The ‘Mum’ juggle – the work life balance

Client Newsletter February 2017
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The ‘Mum’ juggle – the work life balance

As a wife, mum of 4, small business owner, accountant, volunteer, triathlete and keen cyclist, a common question Emma Bowdler gets asked – is “how do you do it?”

“Wine – in various quantities?” laughs Emma. “Seriously, for me it is all about time management, lists, routines and surrounding yourself with people who believe in you.”

“As times have changed, we are seeing more and more women pursue their dreams, run successful businesses and have a family.”

Emma has been working in the accounting industry since 2006 after starting out as an administrator. Very quickly she learnt that accounting was the career for her and she enrolled in a Bachelor of Commerce Degree externally. “I won’t lie, it was hard work! I was working full time, had 2 toddlers and was trying to study. Everyone thought I was nuts.” Six years later she graduated from the University of Southern Queensland. Rhany was 7, Molly 6 and Xavier was just 3 months old!

“As mums, we often expect so much of ourselves that we are disappointed if we don’t deliver.” It has taken her many years, but Emma has learnt that she isn’t super woman and it is okay to delegate jobs and ask for help.

“Everyone laughs at me, but I have a touch it once policy.  In other words, deal with it the minute it is put in front of you.”

Bowdler Tax’s director and Emma’s husband Mike says ‘she runs a tight ship, but we couldn’t do it any other way. It works for us and we make a great team.’

As Bowdler Tax’s only female accountant, Emma’s client base is made up largely of women in business. “I love working with driven, like minded business women. To see a client come to me with an idea and to be able to help them develop it into something amazing makes my job truly worthwhile.”

Downtime for Emma involves practicing yoga regularly, cycling most days and competing in the odd triathlon for good measure.

“It keeps me sane. Most days start off with a 5am ride, but one day a week it’s a 4am. I love the early mornings, its puts me in a good place for the day ahead.”

“The key to the work life balance is finding what works for you. What is good for one might not necessarily be good for another. Be kind to yourself and if the wheels fall off, put them back on and if all else fails – there is always wine!”